only one step away from a miracle!

This morning I was part of a miracle! I did not just see one, or felt one, or heard of one. I was a participant in one and so can you! Now that our churches are back open, there are many parishioners still homebound for legitimate health reasons. There are others though that just need to take one step, to be part of a miracle, every day of the week.

The scribes of Jesus’ day would ask Him for a sign in order to believe. Jesus, with His infinite patience and love, would tell them they have the biggest possible sign standing right in front of them. But because of their fear, they could not see.

One step, going back to Mass, allows you to partake again in the biggest gift given to us, the Eucharist. It is a miracle happening during every Mass right in front of us!

This Sunday is Corpus Cristi Sunday, dedicated to the body of our Lord. The same Body we can consume every single day of our lives. You see, He never said this may be my body, make believe this is my body, sometimes it is my body….He very clearly said: This is my body!

How can we not run to church every day knowing we get to consume Him! For those with legitimate health reasons the Eucharist can go to you. Proper precautions are being taken at church and with those going to the homebound.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, do not limit yourselves because of fear, comfort or laziness. Yes, protect you and yours, but do every thing possible to partake in the miracle of the Eucharist. It is not the same as the spiritual Eucharist prayer. That is a beautiful prayer, but just a prayer nonetheless.

Come back to Him or ask for Him to come to you. One simple step to partaking in the greatest miracle gifted to us.

Nothing takes the place of consuming Him. Watching on television or on social media is nice and easy – but it should not replace the wonder and greatness of worshipping in community and partaking in the miracle of the Eucharist!

Deacon Jorge

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