….are we embarrassed by our faith?

Not too long ago, we would be in a get together at our workplace, hear an inappropriate joke or gossip of another and maybe just stand there and say hahaha…..Nowadays, we receive a soft porn meme or other inappropriate text and we may respond LOL! Many times we do that after starting our day with a prayer or having gone to Sunday Mass or even after daily Mass.

Is our faith one to be hidden within our prayers or within our church? The other day I received, as part of a group chat, a sexually inappropriate meme.  My issue is those participants of the group chat are purported Christian men.  I explained to the organizer I did not mean to be holier than thou, because I am not, but if we do not stand up and make a difference in this world then our faith is for naught.

It is no different than standing around the office with a stupid grin on our face while someone makes an offensive joke or responding LOL! on social media to an inappropriate post.  Political correctness is nothing else than a copout or excuse to have our faith trampled on. Those of us that choose to live by the Christian faith, because no one forced us to, are called to make a difference in this world. We are called to be a light. We are called to bring equilibrium to this upside-down society.

The other day I was online at a retailer and I noticed a curious disclaimer. The website said they had gender-specific bathrooms. It took me a while to figure out they were warning customers their bathrooms actually were specific for men or women!  During this pandemic it was “essential” for us to have access to liquor stores, home improvement stores, and yes, access for abortions. But churches were deemed non-essential.

Frankly I am beyond having to quietly take all this relativism and not being able to stand up for my faith. So to those brothers hamming it up with fake guffaws and LOLs regarding mindless and offensiveness posts and memes, grow a spine. You are either in or you are out. It is hypocritical to have it both ways. Our Lord clearly said He would spit out the lukewarm. (Revelation chapter 3, verse 16)

I have blogged many times before regarding being joyful about our faith. No one likes a dour Christian. A smile goes a lot further than a scowl! My friends know I love a good joke and laughter is the great elixir; we just need to learn when it is time to stand up for our faith. Peter, chapter 5, verse 8, states “Be watchful, your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”

If we do not stand up and become leaders in our faith, who will?

Prowling lion

Deacon CrossDeacon Jorge



One Response to ….are we embarrassed by our faith?

  1. Well stated Deacon! It is incumbent on us to hold true to the values we profess in every aspect of our lives; popular or not!


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