new normal or better versions of ourselves….?

A life in Christ is an ever evolving and self-improving one. As Matthew Kelly says, we are constantly called to become a better version of ourselves.  Our Pastor, Father Manny, in yesterday’s homily, said he did not want to go back to the past normal. The new normal calls us to more than normalcy. We are called to serve the Lord even more than we ever did in the past.

There are many in our faith community stuck in comfortable roles in ministry. Yes, we are doing more than most, but staying in our comfort zone is not enough. During this pandemic, more people are attending daily Mass, albeit remotely. Many have taken up the beautiful discipline of daily devotion to the Rosary. Others have increased their participation in ministries. Yet others have become more giving financially or in serving the poor.

Once we return in some form or fashion to society, we must bring a new and better version of ourselves. We must never be complacent in our service to the Lord and consequently to others. There is always something else to do in the Lord’s vineyard. Luke Chapter 10 verse 2 tells us the harvest is bountiful but the laborers are few.  That means those of us that are laborers for the Lord need to step up our game.

We, as a faith-filled people, have done a wonderful job, with the help of our ministers, in keeping the flock together during this pandemic. Now we have to go and serve those who have not met the Risen Lord.  How do we evangelize during a pandemic?  How do we find ways to serve others not in the flock? How do we prepare ourselves spiritually so that others see joyful servants of the Lord?

Joyful servants…maybe that is the start we need to bring others to the Lord!

1 Peter 3:15

In your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared joyfully to evangelize everyone who asks you and give the reason for the hope and joy you have. Do this with gentleness, love, respect, and joy.
The Good Shepard
The Good Sheppard, the perfect
example of love and joy!
Deacon Cross


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