our yes and God’s free will….

This morning, before our daily Rosary, one of the brothers mentioned earnestly and humbly, our walk is thanks to the Holy Spirit. But in order to have the Holy Spirit grace us with his strength, we have to allow Him into our lives. God has given us the free will to follow Him or not. He is ever-present in our lives but we need to let Him in.

St Augustine tells us God never ceases to provide us with consolations in misfortune. On our journey among the trials and dangers of the world, we receive God’s consolation as long as we accept the same. During these trying times, we are free to trust Him and follow or we have the free will to go it alone. Good luck with that!

In this morning’s Mass, our Parochial Vicar, Father Flores, spoke about a time when his parents gently forced him into the pool when he thought he was not ready. He trusted them. Even though his fear of the water did not instantly disappear, he knew they were always there for him. This reminded me of my own incident when learning how to swim. I was a fairly strong and husky 8 year old when it was time for my mom to take me to the public pool to learn how to swim. Two male instructors were trying to push me into the pool to no avail. I saw my mom leave the stands and come towards me. My initial thought was she would save me from these two guys. Instead, she made me face the water and gently pushed me in! That would not be the last time my mom would gently push me when I needed to be pushed. And all the while trusting her.

Once we accept the Lord’s calling us, we then must trust in Him as well.  The same way I was thrust into the pool when I thought I was not ready, we have been thrust into this time of social distancing and quarantine. It has to be a very difficult time for those who have not accepted the Risen Lord as their savior. For us that have accepted Him, we must trust, even though this is an uncertain journey. But a journey it is. As with every journey with the Lord, we are called to trust in Him and to journey joyfully.

In last Sunday’s homily, our Pastor Father Manny, told us of the importance of living joyfully in the Lord as an example of Christianity to others. “Un triste Cristiano es un Cristiano triste” he said. More or less, the translation of this is: a sad Christian is truly a sad sight.

The same joy the early followers felt after the resurrection, is the joy we are called to feel and share with others. These dark times call for the light of Christ. If we do not shine that joyful light then who will?

Here I am Lord! Are you with Him as well?

Jesus Christ has Risen. He has Risen Indeed!

Claro Que Si!

This song, “Here I am Lord” is my personal “Calling” anthem. I pray you enjoy it as well!

Deacon CrossDeacon Jorge



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