Sorry guys….but I love my wife!

Driving along with my wife SHE noticed a bumper sticker that said:  I Love My Wife!….  So of course I murmured something under my breadth aimed at the guy driving in front of me and she cooed about how romantic the guy probably was… Of course he could have been a wife beater – but the bumper sticker elevated him to saint status.

In my younger years I would have dismissed that episode and not though about it again….but only after catching up to the guy and telling him he wasn’t doing any of us married dudes any favors….

But after being married 27 years on this 4th of July I’ve learned quite a bit – and usually the hard way!

My wife and I have been through many ups and downs with most of the downs being my fault.  She has stuck through thick and thin, through wealthy and poor and through the passing of both our parents.  We raised one girl now 23 and are ATTEMPTING to raise a soon to be 13 year girl/woman to be….

So what do you get a life partner who has stuck with you for so long and who has, fortunately for me, never been a materialistic person?  Yes, I am very dense about these things sometimes – but this time I got it!  Yes, my brothers, I know you will be very jealous of me…So go out and get your own sticker!

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